Life at Silver jubilee “25”

Dearies me, The moment I realized I have traveled so far in life and “I’m not a kid anymore” took 25 years of my life, life is getting really unpredictable! A lot happen in few years, I belong to the country like India, most of the people at my age are struggling with life to survive in the society, some are pursing Master’s degree while dreaming of Govt. Job, some are working in private clinics while dreaming of Govt. Job, some are preparing for the entrance test while sitting home doing nothing, Some are planning to get marry soon, Some are ignoring our nation and flying to other heavenly countries like U.S.A and Canada. Somewhere in time these days I’m trying to figure it out what is it I truly desire! everyday i woke up I saw my Father or Mother waking me up, afterwards i pick-up my phone and saw her DP this is how my day begins I have so many of distractions around myself to spend the rest of the day but when it comes to night I’m all alone wondering, imagining myself as rich and famous, still closing my eyes after watching her DP. Life has become a compiled gloomy mixture of emotions, experiences, actions and reactions. I feel like I’m running from every situation and don’t want to face any situation, I’m looking forward in life to achieve my determined goals while carrying her memories all along. It’s been a while talked to her but i meet her everyday while I’m Asleep. These days people are really more judgmental then ever before though my own family judge me in my everyday life they expect me to behave like a grown adult which somehow i feel awkward because i feel like there is the same old kid underneath myself. Loves getting excited over small things, love listening to heavy bass, love roaming here and there, love spending time with friends doing nothing, got love affairs with espresso as an adult prolly the best love of my life till date after Whisky. Well the life is good but I don’t know what it is missing in my life, I hope I may figure it out….

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