Homosapiens Shades

Dearies me, talking about colors, We all are blessed with so many beautiful colours of Nature but so far we judge one another on behalf of 2 shades ‘BLACK’ and ‘WHITE’ I live in a society where glamour belong to white and black are humiliated by different ways of society until unless the human shows another colour that is ‘PINK’ also the current shade of highest value currency note (In rs. 2000). If you’re rich you’re never judged by any bitch ‘Money pass no judgements but magical conversations can happen via money’ We all are taught in a same way until we turn 18′ everything changes like instant! when it comes to love life and other love affairs. It is really easy to survive among bitches if you’re white but if you’re black you better stay in yourself, concerned to yourself only. Though females with dark shade still manage it easily to get a guy due to lower women to men ratio of my country. When it comes to males it is never easy for black. Society becomes court of racism every teeny tiny detail is noticed and judged as hell. I wonder If there is any GOD! it must be White and rich because these two shades are magnetic on every bitch. If you’re Rich & White nobody cares how darker you are inside! It’s easy to hide black lie underneath glory of white shield! Being black life lacks reflection shield as black absorb every light! only the true colour of oneself is leftover but it takes courage to show oneself real inside out! Society is obsessed with fakeness of white days’ while the mysteries of truth are held by darkest nights’ most of the people are living in white days sleeping in nights like it’s said that you have to repeat the lie again again and again to prove it true. At the last you’re all alone & the dark! The thoughts, plans and actions you do at that time are reflections of what you truly desire! Charms of white are sweet as sugar tastes good but harms you eventually in the end! While truths are bitter as black coffee but it always feel good and energetic consuming it as it is. The real beauty lies in black! something far from the glamourous white, just like the black universe lies behind the white day.


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