“life at 9”

Dearies me, living the best life from the very beginning. 90’s kid the amazing ones!, life is gifted only once, the rest is all based on our decisions, what ever we decide to do in life is what reflected back to us. The life is full of good and bad decisions, sometimes we do find good in bad but most often we extract bad from the good lies in us!. Life is not that complicated it is all based on our thoughts 💭. We laugh in the good times while there are some bad among us that laugh in our bad times, Good times bad times all are the rhymes of vibrations we generate within our 4 pieces of heart that’s hilarious, still we call it heart., Heart and hurt though sounds similar but those two words are completely different from one another somehow connection within two words is complicated, but the connection in sharing is unique as we all are! Somehow 99% of the human race is similar the difference is 1% which is truly unique among us 🧬. This is how we do it, one can not steal from others which resides within the human brain, Neuroscience is still somehow trying to reach the depth of the vibrations and frequencies generated by heart and brain but these are two completely different organs, Heart is heart brain is brain, some doctors said we somehow get 7 minutes in the last moment of ourselves., I don’t find those 7 minutes any useful to anyone but the human ending it’s race and the human race is never ending. One should consider life as a beautiful journey full of fun and entertainment, live life in such an amazing way that the time once you turn onn 7 minutes flashback! it should be free of regrets and full of smiles and beautiful rewind with a never ending smile. Some people consider their precious life as a game they play online or offline on PC or Cellphone they get as many lives as many as they want, but none of the games are true, y’all living in virtual world while ignoring the natural world 🌍. Staying close to nature feels good, the Sun 🌞 the Moon 🌚 and somewhere in between the Earth 🌎 where life exists, somehow some people are able to discover the existence of life on other planets, somewhat true! but ignoring planet Earth is not the right way to discover life of others maybe existing on other planets or maybe not, Life starts immediately with first breath and lasts untill Last Breeze, Life doesn’t always gives a second chance so adore it until it lasts, Journey is full of surprises and the world is never ending, live life to the fullest with all the potential and compassion you ever have or having already or had, you are the Human and one can not change anyone but yourself. We all are born in the same way somehow, but we all die in different ways this is what separates every human being from one another. We all had sins in our past or might be some of us carrying their sins among one self as pre destined you never know what the curse bring inn..


  1. Pinky says:

    How will 15 yr old kid will understand your words….who have responsibility of not only his/her family but the whole country and no one even recognise his/her, every sacrifices of his/her just for a job that is fucking very hard for his/her personal life and feelings ,how he/she’ll get these all things that are written above..


    1. Dr. Karan says:

      A kind mind is in everyone sooner or later he/she will understand.


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