Vintage Crush

Dearies me, Mid 2013 was the time I become legal Automobile driver the day i get Captured on my Driving License. No driving tests, no waiting in Que and no pre-slot bookings at all, enjoying the luxuries of being favorite son of the Police Officer. Every Government thing is quite easy & quick for me to approach. I’m owning my car and driving since 7th standard. From my very Childhood my love for cars is unconditional like love for babies, women and pupps. I learned driving by observing my dad, he is always an Idol to me. I always feel like I’m a blessed kid with superpower of visualizing things in the mind and creating them all for real in life. Sometimes reality is not what is real, it is what we consider real. Imaginations of today becomes reality in our future. It all begins with a dream you see via open eyes. Life is always unpredictable and full of illusions, “dream big and achieve bigger” I had a dream of riding a Vintage Car I dreamed of some classic car back in my adolescence, later thereafter in the right age I received my dream car from my dad which is incredibly beautiful and Classy, far more Classic then my dreamed Crush. So far in life all I know is I’m happy and here today enjoying my life. I realised life is an unshaped clay and our thoughts act like hands of creator, we can create our own reality whatever we want “WE DREAM WE ACHIEVE” be very particular with your deepest desires.

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