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  • “life at 9”
    Dearies me, living the best life from the very beginning. 90’s kid the amazing ones!, life is gifted only once, the rest is all based on our decisions, what ever we decide to do in life is what reflected back to us. The life is full of good and bad decisions, sometimes we do findContinue reading ““life at 9””
  • ‘Alone’ in Life ‘Truths and Lies’
    Dearies me, In this world full of faces I discovered it’s only me in the last ‘The Last Man Standing’ it’s me against the whole life thing, I’m having a lot on my table but those are just life things and nothing on my own. So far I went looking for myself in the endContinue reading “‘Alone’ in Life ‘Truths and Lies’”
  • Homosapiens Shades
    Dearies me, talking about colors, We all are blessed with so many beautiful colours of Nature but so far we judge one another on behalf of 2 shades ‘BLACK’ and ‘WHITE’ I live in a society where glamour belong to white and black are humiliated by different ways of society until unless the human showsContinue reading “Homosapiens Shades”
  • Vintage Crush
    Dearies me, Mid 2013 was the time I become legal Automobile driver the day i get Captured on my Driving License. No driving tests, no waiting in Que and no pre-slot bookings at all, enjoying the luxuries of being favorite son of the Police Officer. Every Government thing is quite easy & quick for meContinue reading “Vintage Crush”
  • Life at Silver jubilee “25”
    Dearies me, The moment I realized I have traveled so far in life and “I’m not a kid anymore” took 25 years of my life, life is getting really unpredictable! A lot happen in few years, I belong to the country like India, most of the people at my age are struggling with life toContinue reading “Life at Silver jubilee “25””