‘Alone’ in Life ‘Truths and Lies’

Dearies me, In this world full of faces I discovered it’s only me in the last ‘The Last Man Standing’ it’s me against the whole life thing, I’m having a lot on my table but those are just life things and nothing on my own. So far I went looking for myself in the end I found myself Alone. I belong to a Punjabi family where they understand your needs but nobody wants to understand what you truly desire. Seems like they don’t want to listen. They just spill out their all-day thoughts, imaginations & emotions all over You. Family talks especially ‘Dad talks’ are mysteriously complicated to understand. The love connection we share is really unique & real but somewhat conditional on both ends their expectations kill my reality. Sometimes I feel like I am ghosting myself, it’s not always the true version of myself y’all see! Everybody has a different version of me in their mind, thoughts & imaginations, it is not what you see or how you see me! It is who I am underneath! We all are the same up to 99% only the 1% is what makes us different & the little 1% is what they call soul..! Our soul i.e our unique identity! in other words, the Soul is the functional unit of the body. Only that 1% represents our true nature although we never show our true face to anyone but we face it every day, hiding somewhere inside! just to show people what they want to see & how they want to see.

I was raised in lies like everyone else. We don’t learn how to lie it’s always there as a defensive mechanism of ourselves, with passing time we gain expertise in lying every little lie improves the next lie. Life is full of lies! only the first cry & the last breathe is true. The truth is far away from reality, we barely learn to speak the truth but I consider myself Lucky as My Dad taught me to speak the truth, It is an art! ” Speaking the truth ” how to speak the truth, where to speak the truth, when to speak the truth, Whom to speak truth & how much of the truth one should speak.! People believe in our expressions, looks & attitude more than our words. No matter how true you are but if you act dumb nobody’s gonna believe you. On the other side if you are acting like a genius no matter how fake you are everybody’s going to believe you easily. Those people are rare who observe their surroundings. Otherwise, most of the people wanna hear their truth from you! It is what they are expecting from you. It’s really easy these days to get into someone’s head. Tell them the truth they want to know, that’s how you speak the truth. Sometimes one’s truth you see is never acceptable to others, So you simply keep it to yourself, acting like you don’t know where to speak or whom to say. Sometimes the truth is ugly & unethical one’s truth is taboo for others so you speak the truth but only up to a certain limit which could be accepted by society. You can always speak the truth to yourself no matter how harsh it is ending up being truthful to yourself. If you ever feel trapped in between truths & lies think outside the trap 🪤 there’s always a key to unlock the trap all you need is to think about the trap to figure out what kind of trap it is. If you think in the same way they want you to react, you will be trapped forever, do not think about the lock they put on the trap. Think about the trap instead & get yourself a key that will set you free like you always wanna be. Otherwise “Nobody allows you just to be Yourself”.


  1. Preeti says:

    Good one


  2. Prabhu says:

    Greatly appreciated…….true


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